Brick library and brick matching service

Farmac Brick Library

If you need to match a brick Farmac Building Supplies can help.

Either call in with a sample of the brick you want to match and have a look around our library or we can arrange to call out on site and have a closer look. We can also match most bricks from photo's emailed to our brick library.

To do a match by email just send us 3 photo's:

  1. One close enough to show about 12 bricks
  2. One a little further back to show a couple of square metres
  3. And one from about 3 metres away

Email your pictures to [email protected] along with your contact details and we'll do our very best to find the right brick for your job.


(As bricks are discontinued and replaced with alternitives, the photos below do not show the current bricks available. Please call in to store to see the up to date range)