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Kota Black Limestone Paving

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Variant Price
600 x 290mm
600 x 600mm
600 x 900mm
Project Pack 19.19m2
2.84mtr Circle with square off kit
  • Sawn Edges
  • Calibrated to 22mm thickness
  • (290 x 290mm Not available in singles)

Project pack contains (19.19m2) -

  • 12no 290 x290mm
  • 16no 290 x 600mm
  • 16no 600 x 600mm
  • 16no 600 x 900mm

Unlike the riven look of sandstone, limestone paving has a flatter smooth finish akin to orange peel and is very consistent in depth, making it useful for use indoors.

The black shade is particularly stunning, being incredibly consistent in colour.

The deep black colour when freshly quarried, does eventually fade in natural sunlight to a charcoal grey, but will always return to a jet black colour when wet.

To maintain the darker tone it is possible to seal the stone with a colour enhancer. Please ask for details.

  • Kota Black is available in three single sizes.
  • It is also available in our ever-popular RF7 Project Pack which offers a mixed pack of flags for laying random designs.
  • Black limestone is also available in cobbles/ setts and circles which complement limestone and sandstone colours

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