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Porcelain Aged Dark Fossil

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600 x 600 x 20mm

The Aged Fossil Indian Porcelain Paving is a ideal alternative for light natural stone, giving you the a contemporary finish, without the up keep of stone.

The Indian Porcelain Paving has an anti slip, frost resistant finish, allowing for a smooth yet safe finish for outdoor areas.

People are often sceptical when it comes to laying Porcelain due to the ceramic nature of the paver.

They are, however simple to lay as well as been extremely low maintenance when laid.

The area that is going to be paved first of all needs to be dug out at a depth of at least 6-8 inch.

This should then be filled up with loose stone such as Mot/crusher run to around ¾ of what has been dug out.

This should then be compacted to ensure that the base is strong enough when laying the pavers.

You have then prepared the ground for the pavers to be laid.

You then need to begin thinking about the next step which is your concrete screed.

You prepare the concrete bed for each slab individually.

The concrete screed should be a semi-dry motor mix, using a 4 part sharp sand to 1 part cement.

Therefore you need 4 times the amount of sharp sand as you do cement to prepare the concrete screed.

The concrete screed should always be applied to the full paver.

Please never use spot bedding as this does not allow the pavers to be supported therefore it will move and crack depending on the weight that’s applied.

As the Porcelain Pavers are not natural product, they are much less porous than Natural stone.

This means that they will not readily take water up.

We would recommend applying an adhesive to the back of the slab to help the pavers adhere to the bed.

We would recommend applying the adhesive on the entire under side of the pavers immediately before laying.

Once the paver is in place, they can be then tapped into place and also levelling.

When tapping the pavers down please use a rubber hammer to ensure that no damage to the slab occur e.g. chipping.

Please note porcelain products colours may slightly vary from the images shown.

The texture and appearance can vary from each piece as it is imitating the natural product.

Although the porcelain tiles are uniform in size and thickness, we do not recommend butt jointing and advise that a joint of around 6mm should still be allowed for.

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