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Frequently Asked Questions

Do European fence panels need further preservative treatment?

We are often asked if you need to treat European fence panels with preservative and the answer is it’s always useful to help to seal the timber by adding timber treatments to your new fence but not essential. Depending on what time of year you fit your wooden fence it may be appropriate to allow the wood to dry out a little before painting it with timber preservative or fence stain.

Could I change the look of my decking?

Of course you can. Timber decks can be customised to your own decorative or stylistic tastes.

You could stain your deck to practically any colour you want and we keep a range of decking stains in stock. Whether you choose one of a range of natural wood colours - or in a bright fashion shades, there’s a colour to suit your tastes.

There is also a large choice of additional design features for example various balustrades, pergolas, fencing, trellises, steps etc. The design options are almost infinite and the nice thing about timber decking is that it can be extended, or another level or feature added in the future to enhance your enjoyment.

Where should I site my decking?

Timber decks are very flexible structures and can be located to suit you, your family and the property you live in.  

Whether you want to place your deck in a sunny open space, have it as a separate garden island, combined balcony and veranda, or in an intimate, shady spot - it's up to you but to get the most from your deck, give plenty of thought to where you want to build it.  

Things to worth considering include: Will the deck get the sun at the time of day when I want to be using it? Do I want to be shaded from the sun at the height of summer? Will trees or buildings block the sun. Will the trees drop leaves on my decking? Will I be protected from the prevailing wind?  

Whether to be used for relaxing, entertaining, dining or as a play space for kids, decking  is a superbly versatile and aesthetic extensions to your home.

How do I calculate how much fencing I need?

If you are unsure how to calculate what materials you require for your fencing project contact us with the details and one of our experienced staff will try and help you to work out quantities and costings. If you are unsure about any DIY project we recommend that you seek professional advice.

NB We will always do our very best to help you decide what materials are required but we cannot be held responsible for the final list of materials you order.

Do I need to pre order my fencing products or do you have the materials in stock?

We generally have the products listed on our website in stock, but in busy periods it’s best to check first. If you are collecting we can also have your order put to one side for easier loading. For larger quantities, we always advise ordering in advance.

Do Overlap and Featheredge panels need further preservative treatment?

Our Golden brown fence panels are treated by dipping them in a preservative treatment. To help stabilise the timber it is a good idea to treat them as soon as they have dried out a little with a good quality fence preservative.

My wooden post has snapped? Can it be fixed?

Yes using a Metpost repair spur. Cut off your old wooden post at ground level and then drive the repair spur into the old post. Your new fence post then simply wedges into the repair spur.

What is the best mix for concreting in fence posts?

The most popular option is to buy a ready mixed postcrete which is fast setting and comes in 20kg bags. Alternatively, you can do it the old fashioned way, mixing 5 parts ballast with 1 part cement.

How much concrete or postmix do I need per post?

That depends on the size of the hole. I would recommend keeping the hole as tight as possible. Digging a great bomb crater will require more filling. It is best to use 1 bag of postmix for each post up to 1.2m high out of the ground and 1.5 bags for posts longer than 1.2m. Postmix in 20kg bags should fill a hole of 300x300x300mm.If mixing your own concrete I would recommend using 25kg per post up to 1.2m and 40kg for anything longer to ensure it remains stable.

Why would I choose a concrete post instead of wooden?

Concrete posts will not rot and it may stand up to bad weather better in the long run. Timber posts are all pressure treated so shouldn’t rot in the short term either. You don’t need to treat concrete or timber posts with preservative.